Our Approach

dbs Salon and everyone working with us strives to ensure that you are receiving the type and quality of hair or makeup services you need to achieve your desired look. We customize your hair, makeup and photography services based on what your current routines to what your desired level of commitment are. We encourage you to ask questions, to learn and to get creative with your hair. We want to make sure you can recreate your salon look at home.

Our Story

As a young girl Sandra always had a passion for hair and makeup. Sandra is that little girl who sat quietly in awe by everyone's individuality. Amazed that your hair, makeup and wardrobe can say so much about who you are. Sandra finds beauty in everyone and strives to unlock the confidence that sits inside you. Sandra has created a salon filled with like-minded artists who encourage each other and their guests to grow into the best version of themselves.

Sandra Moreno is an award winning stylist on the cutting edge of hair design. Sandra graduated from The REDKEN Academy for Salon Professionals, became a REDKEN Certified Colorist, a Certified Simplicity Hair Extensions Specialist as well as a Deva Curl Advanced Stylist for curly hair and a Curl Coach and educator for DevaCurl. Sandra loves haircuts, hair color, special occasion up-do styling, bridal hair and airbrush makeup for weddings; as well as fashion hair and makeup for modeling. Sandra enjoys creating art in the fashion industry; providing hair and makeup for fashion events, local television, photo-shoots and more. As a published hair and makeup designer, she strives to achieve that picture perfect look on all of her clients.

Sandra pairs up with her husband Juan Moreno of JAM Photos to offer you a unique experience. JAM Photos offers portrait sessions, family photos, event, commercial, wedding as well as fine art photography. Juan likes to tell a story with his images, from the family portrait to the business headshot, he works hard to create a mood and aesthetic that will capture the essence of who and what he place in his frames. Juan Moreno studied photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is a Phase One Certified Professional. Together, dbs Salon and JAM Photos brings you quality hair, makeup and photography design. Please be sure to check out our work and follow us on Facebook at dbs Salon and JAM Photos.

Meet the Team

We are each unique.  DBS Salon offers a creative space for only the best. Please read our reviews here.


Sandra Moreno

Master Hair Stylist and Makeup Designer = Salon Founder - Level 6 Cosmetologist

Sandra Moreno stands as an esteemed figure in the hairstyling realm, boasting the titles of an Advanced DevaCurl Stylist, Curl Coach, and Redken Certified Hair Colorist. Recognized as a Master Hairstylist, Sandra's passion spans an array of specialties, including precision haircuts, expert hair coloring, sophisticated up-do styling for special occasions, bridal hair, and airbrush makeup tailored for weddings. Her artistic prowess extends to fashion hair and makeup for modeling, showcasing a diverse skill set.

Renowned as the Bay Area's Curl Specialist, Sandra takes pride in her ability to craft low-maintenance hair care routines that leave clients with effortlessly fabulous hair year-round. A graduate of the prestigious Redken Academy for Salon Professionals, Sandra's commitment to excellence extends beyond her client interactions; she actively seeks ongoing education, not only as an instructor but as a lifelong learner dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends.

To secure an appointment with Sandra, clients can text at (408)-874-6879. Sandra Moreno's expertise transforms each salon visit into a personalized and enriching experience, reflecting her dedication to elevating the art of hairstyling.

Juan Moreno


With a comprehensive background in photography from the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Juan Moreno brings a distinctive touch to his craft. His unparalleled skill lies in capturing portraits that are not only relaxed and natural but also exude an uplifting quality. Whether you're in search of professional headshots for your online profiles or yearning for a timeless and heartwarming portrait of yourself or your entire family, Juan stands out as the optimal choice among photographers.

To secure your photography appointment with Juan, we invite you to initiate the process by requesting a personalized phone consultation. With Juan Moreno behind the lens, each session promises to be a unique and enriching experience, resulting in photographs that transcend mere images, capturing the essence of the moment with authenticity and artistry.

Mehr Hussain

Level 5 Cosmetologist

Originally trained from London, Mehr Hussain is a Vidal Sassoon, Redken Certified Colorist and DevaCurl Inspired hair stylist offering services for women and children. Specializing in haircuts, hair color, blow drys, and special occasion hair styling.

"I absolutely love hair styling, and am very passionate about my work. Since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to become a hair stylist. I have taken courses internationally at every opportunity I could find in order to enhance my skills and learn new techniques.

Being a hair and makeup artist is detail-oriented work. The intricacy of each design and color always fascinates me and makes me want to aim for perfection each time.  I closely listen to every client, and want to understand what you're looking for and how I can make your day! I promise to do the best I can to make sure you leave the chair with a smile on your face and a desire to return."

Mehr offers various hair and makeup services for women and children and caters towards women who require a private venue.

If you wear a Hijab and wish to book with Mehr Hussain please text 408-874-6879.

Sophia Briana

 Level 4 Cosmetologist

A true aficionado of the artistry of hair, Sophia Briana channels her passion into an unwavering commitment to hair color and a genuine inspiration for curls. Notably, Sophia holds the esteemed titles of a DevaCurl Inspired Stylist, a Rezo Certified Stylist, and has achieved the distinguished Level 4 hairdresser status at dbs Salon. A graduate of the Paul Mitchell School in 2016, Sophia has dedicated herself to continuous skill refinement, always seeking to elevate her craft and provide clients with an exceptional experience.

Specializing in shoulder-length bobs and long hair, Sophia's expertise in curls is a testament to her training by none other than Sandra Moreno, a revered mentor in the art of textured hair. Sophia's love for lightening hair shines through, with extensive training under the guidance of Lisa Walker, an industry luminary renowned for her expertise in all things Balayage.

Having been an integral part of the dbs Salon team since 2018, Sophia Briana not only brings a wealth of experience but also a deep-seated passion for delivering personalized and trend-setting styles. Clients can trust in Sophia's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that each visit is an opportunity for a transformative and enriching hair experience.

Rian Moreno

  Level 3 Cosmetologist

Embarking on his journey in May 2019, Rian Moreno entered the world of hairstyling through an apprenticeship and swiftly developed a profound appreciation for the intricate artistry of curly hairstyling and the vibrant spectrum of colors that define it. Despite initially aspiring to be a surgeon, Rian's deep-seated love for music and art guided him toward a more creatively fulfilling path.

Fortunate to receive mentorship from his mother, Sandra Moreno, Rian has emerged as a Level 1 Deva Inspired Stylist, showcasing his commitment to mastering the specialized techniques in the world of textured hair. Completing the associate program at dbs Salon, Rian has honed his skills, aiming to contribute to the confidence and pride individuals feel in styling their natural hair.

Rian's ultimate goal transcends mere hairstyling; it is rooted in empowering people to embrace and celebrate their natural beauty. Eager to connect with clients and share his passion, Rian looks forward to the opportunity of meeting you and contributing to your unique style journey.

Nelly Hernandez

  Level 4 Cosmetologist

Hailing from the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City, Nelly Hernandez is an artist in the realm of hairstyling, demonstrating a profound passion for crafting both playful short haircuts and breathtaking long hairstyles tailored to a diverse spectrum of hair textures, including straight and curly, along with precision Clipper Cuts designed for both men and women. Nelly possesses a discerning eye for creating hair color that not only complements your skin tone but also reflects your unique personality.

Nelly's dedication to her craft is evident in her completion of the comprehensive 6-month associate program at dbs Salon, where her focus centered on mastering the intricacies of curly hair cutting and styling techniques. Her proficiency in this specialized field is a testament to her direct tutelage under Sandra Moreno, a distinguished Advanced DevaCurl Stylist and RëzoCut Certified Stylist. As a graduate of Central New Mexico College and an alumna of the Pivot Point International Cosmetology program, Nelly stands as a testament to the institution's 50-year commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences and developing best-in-class content, impacting over 1 million individuals across six continents.

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to the continual pursuit of knowledge and skill refinement within the beauty industry, Nelly Hernandez embraces a lifelong journey of growth and mastery. Fluent in Spanish, she extends a warm welcome to Spanish-speaking clients, inviting them to experience her personalized and expert services. Nelly is not merely a hairstylist; she is a dedicated artisan, sculpting beauty with precision and passion.

Vanessa Guevara

Level 1 Cosmetologist

Vanessa embarked on her journey with Sandra and the team in 2019, initially serving as a receptionist before discovering her deep passion for the beauty industry. Her commitment and enthusiasm led her to commence her apprenticeship in 2021, and after completing the required hours, Vanessa has now ascended to the esteemed title of Level 1 Stylist.

Specializing in the intricate art of curly styling, Vanessa excels in medium to long curly cuts, showcasing her talent in hand-painting curls to impart dimension to hair color. Eager to absorb knowledge and grow within our salon, she expresses her gratitude for the support of the amazing individuals alongside her. Beyond the salon, Vanessa finds joy in her spare time by indulging in her love for singing and dancing.

With a diverse background that includes a role as a retail supervisor at Van's and a previous stint as a dance instructor, teaching young groups to express themselves through movement, Vanessa brings a wealth of experiences that enrich her understanding of the artistry and creativity inherent in the beauty industry. Her dedication to continual learning and her vibrant personality make Vanessa an invaluable asset to our team, and we're excited to witness her continued evolution as a stylist.

Edellyn Moraga

 Level 6 Cosmetologist / Director of Education

Edellyn brings over a decade of expertise to the beauty industry, graduating from the Academy For Salon Professionals in 2011. Her proficiency extends across renowned brands like Redken and Wella, earning her the distinction of being a Redken Certified Colorist. With a particular passion for color and customized lightening services, including Balayage, Foiliage, Babylights/Teasylights, Ombré, and traditional highlighting techniques, Edellyn is dedicated to creating vibrant and personalized looks. Drawing from her experience at Drybar, she has mastered the art of blowouts and holds certifications in the Brazilian Blowout and Hot Head Extensions.

Edellyn's commitment to education is evident as the former Lead Educator at The Salon Professionals Academy for the Fuel Hair Cutting System, trained and certified by Chris Barran of Redken. Her expertise extends to curly hair, with studies under Sandra, Deva Curl at local conventions, Mizani, and most recently, Innersense Organic Beauty.

Passionate about helping clients look and feel their best, Edellyn is also certified in disinfection and sanitation, holding Barbicide and Milady certifications. Adhering strictly to COVID protocols, she is available for convenient online booking. New guests interested in booking with Edellyn can initiate the process by texting the salon at 408-874-6879. Your journey to a personalized and exceptional beauty experience starts with Edellyn.

Jennifer Warner

Level 1 Cosmetologist/ Senior Associate Stylist

In 2022, Jennifer became an integral part of Sandra's Associate team, bringing a wealth of expertise and training to our salon. A distinguished graduate of The Salon Professional Academy, a REDKEN school, and Moler Barber College, Jennifer possesses comprehensive skills in the art of hairstyling. With a license in Cosmetology since 2019 and an additional qualification as a licensed Barber, she offers a unique and versatile range of services. Jennifer excels in delivering an exceptional scalp massage and is honing her proficiency in Curly Styling under the expert guidance of Sandra. To experience Jennifer's expertise firsthand, whether it's for a Curly Cut, Curly Styling, or Color Maintenance, we invite you to reach out and book your appointment by sending a text to the salon at 408-874-6879. Beyond her professional prowess, Jennifer finds joy in cultivating her garden and expressing her creativity through the art of crochet in her leisure time..


Vina Nguyễn

Level 1 Cosmetologist/ Associate Stylist

Vina became a valuable member of our team in May 2023, bringing with her an enduring passion for everything related to beauty that has been a part of her life for as long as she can recall. Throughout her upbringing, Vina showcased her talents by effortlessly handling hair and makeup for her family and friends. In 2021, she successfully completed her education at The Salon Professional Academy, an esteemed Redken School. Eager to delve deeper into her craft, Vina is thrilled to embark on her associate program, where she will immerse herself in mastering all aspects of Curly hair, from precision haircuts to expert hairstyling and intricate color techniques. Her enthusiasm for all things beauty shines through in every endeavor she undertakes.

Beetle Moreno

Remote Reservationist

Meet Beetle, our dedicated part-time remote reservationist based in Chico. Juggling their responsibilities as a studio-art major with an emphasis in glass blowing, Beetle seamlessly assists in guiding guests to our salon and handling appointment bookings and confirmations. As the second child of Sandra, Beetle has been a familiar face at the salon, generously volunteering their time on numerous occasions. Beyond their commitment to reservations, Beetle finds joy in the realms of art creation, culinary pursuits, video games, and actively engaging with the unique experiences offered at Camp Winnarainbow as a volunteer.

Dina Ramos

Remote Reservationist

Dina, our primary Reservationist, is dedicated to her role, managing reservations four days a week from Paso Robles, CA. A 2012 graduate of The Academy of Salon Professionals, Dina boasts an extensive history in the Beauty Industry, having collaborated with Edellyn and Sandra for numerous years. Opting for a work-from-home arrangement, Dina values the flexibility it provides, allowing her to actively support her son's homeschooling while staying seamlessly connected to the beauty industry even after retiring from in-salon services. Prior to her illustrious career in the hair industry, Dina contributed her skills to the accounting field.

Phillip Medrano

Salon Coordinator / Director of Happiness

Phillip joined our team in December 2022. He has been a Stay at home Dad and caregiver to his Father now for many years.  His re-entry to the workforce has him learning all of the business side of keeping DBS Salon running.  He maintains our inventory, runs our payroll, keeps our finances in check, runs our odds and ends, researches our newest software advances and is working on our advanced business projects.